Vertical trails

Vernazza – Levanto

 JUN  2018

We thought this itineray starting from Vernazza but you can do it on the contrary and you can shorten the route according to your needs.

We suggest you to leave from the station of Levanto early in the morning, the trains are not crowded yet. It is an itinerary walkable in every season of the year.

You will hike in a calm ambient far away of the crowd of the villages and you will appreciate the Cinque Terre National Park in its authentic nature and colors, breathing scents of Mediterranean spot.

Vernazza – Our Lady of Reggio path #508 h. 1.00

It is a comfortable mule road, just after Vernazza cimb up along the hills. We walk between oilve groove and wineyard. This is an old processional way, we meet several step of Via Crucis with their small altares always devoted to Maria. On the half way we arrive at the small chapel of San Bernardo 182 slm. We can breath, enjoy panorama and have a repair from the sun. We go on till arrive in wood of holm oak cypress that surrounded the shrine. Originary the church was built in the first half of XIII century, but in the following centuries was rebuild several times, if you go inside, take a look of capitals, a couple of them are original.

Effort for arriving here is worth, we can relax below the shadow of old trees and enjoy a great view. By the Sanctuary there is a small place where you can buy water and something to eat.

Keep going we continue the path.

santuario di reggio

Sanctuary of Reggio – Sanctuary of Soviore path #582 h. 1.45

From the church go up until you reach the paved road. A few hundred meters and we take the path again. It is a continuos up and down, accompanying the sides of the mountain.

In spring it’s covered with multi-colored irises, in autumn it is the ripe strawberry trees that colors the path. In less than h. 1.30 we arrive at Passo del Termine, upper point,  on the paved road that we take to the left. Once in Soviore we find pubblic bathrooms and a fresh water fountain. The interior of the church is worth a visit, over the centuries it has undergone renovations and expansions. Originally was a mononavata, as can be seen from the perimeter left unearthed under the pavement, it was enlarged in 3 naves and this remained until the sec. XVII. We have this news from the beautiful design left by Matteo Vinzoni, the cartographer of the Republic of Genoa born in Montaretto and buried in Levanto of the church of the SS. Annunziata.

Following a collapse the building was rebuilt with a single nave as we see it now. The cultic statue, dated 1390-1400 but whose origin we unfortunately don’t know, has been the object of a fervent popular cult. Once upon on the walls  were hung  hundreds of ex-votos, at a certain time they were so numerous that the faithful began to burn them in the churchyard every August 15th during the celebration of the Assumption.

soviore santuario

Let’s go … after a relaxing picnic under the oaks we decide how to proceed.

We can take the path #509 that starts from the square and get off at Monterosso in about one hour or take the bus. Here you will find bus schedule

We decide to continue on foot to Levanto.

N.S. of Soviore – Levanto via Sella Bagari path #591 h. 2.30 tendentially downhill, with a couple of ups and downs.

We take the provincial road downhill and after about 3 km we arrive at Colle di Gritta, we cross the junction leaving the hotel behind us we climb in the direction of Monte Rossini.

The view now opens on two sides, to North West the valley of Levanto, to South East the Cinque Terre. If you are a little tired and your feet “kill you” crouch on the bench you will meet on Mount Molinelli, then go down towards Colla dei Bagari, the rocky saddle smelling of thyme and heather from which the two paths leading down to Levanto. We choose tyhe path #573, it is more sunny and in approximately one hour  will bring us close to the medieval walls, we finally cross the Porta dellìAcqua … … and here we are … you just have to find a good mug of beer to replenish the lost mineral salts! Goodbye and see you soon!

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