The Cinque Terre coastal road by electric bike

 MAR  2019

On the arrival of the newEbikein bikes, we were invited to participate in the new format of the electric bike excursion in the Cinque Terre.

We started from Levanto by train. The new Cinque Terre Express carriages are well organised. A carriage is equipped to accommodate bicycles, usually at the head of the train.

After about 25 minutes, we get off at the Riomaggiore station.  An uphill-climb starts immediately, we cross the village from above, passing in front of the parish church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista.

We leave the village and the road immediately rises steeply, there’s nothing to worry about, the new e-bikes are going great.

For a moment, the islands of Tino and Palmaria appear in front of us.

isola del tino da riomaggiore

We turn left at the first junction and the road levels out. We arrive at the turning for Manarola and we follow it to the right. This is the most challenging part,  4 kilometre of climb, our ebikes assist us in a a great way. We arrive at Volastra, stopping at the Sanctuary of NS della Salute, which unfortunately was closed.

A chat in the churchyard, the usual photos, the fountain to fill the water bottles and we start again.

The view is so beautiful that we stop several times to admire it.

Below us are terraced vineyards with their characteristic mono-rail trains which are indispensable during the harvest.

First, we see Manarola and then Corniglia, only Vernazza is hidden from our view.

cinque terre in ebike


The route proceeds fluidly and quickly for a few kilometres, then starts to ascend again briefly. We arrived in Drignana, one of the most beautiful and spectacular parts starts from here. A kilometre or so to fully enjoy with a couple of stops.

The descent begins, and very soon we arrive at the Shrine of Our Lady of Soviore.  Our guide Matteo help us feel the thrill of the off-road, making us travel a short and easy path that arrives at the church square.

We enjoy a little well-deserved rest in Soviore. A visit to the very interesting church, a stop at the bar for a well-deserved cappuccino and a quick relax in the shade of centuries-old oak trees.

The final part towards Levanto is a fast and fun descent. Matteo has a surprise for us. After a few kilometres, we leave the main road taking a lane on the left that crosses the village of Chiesanuova. Very enjoyable.

A few minutes more and we are back in Levanto.


A beautiful ride of almost thirty kilometres, with a height variation of about 600 metres in a wonderful environment with little traffic.

In short, pedal-assisted bicycles making journeys that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

Highly recommended.

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