Useful tips for visiting Cinque Terre

 MAR  2018

Train is most common way for moving in Cinque Terre. In daytime there is a train every 20 minutes.

Here is the schedule

Consider that during the weekends and especially in spring breaks the villages can be very crowded and moving by train at peak times can be tiring.
Take your time, anticipate the departure. A little advice, go to visit Vernazza in late afternoon after 5 p.m. when the most of the visitors have gone. You can stop for dinner.
Trains run even in the late evening.

The boat is a great alternative, especially on sunny days and calm sea. More expensive than the train but more comfortable and very spectacular.

Here is schedule.


and then there are the paths. Just a premise, the Cinque Terre National Park starts from the promontory of Mesco in the municipality of Levanto and ends after Riomaggiore

in the minicipality of La Spezia. The park charges a ticket (Cinque Terre adult card € 7,50) which includes some services, access to paying paths, buses to reach sanctuaries on the hills, excursions organized, hot spots at the train stations. If you can also add train option, in this case cost become € 16,00 and you can use train Levanto-La Spezia at your pace.

You can buy Cinque Terre card directly at the train stations or online on web site of Park Cinque Terre card

We recommend this second option, sometimes you can find long queues at the desk.

Coastal trail from Monterosso to Corniglia may be very crowded in a very fragile territory. May happen that some paths are close for maintenance works, double check before planning the excursion.

On the web site of Cinque Terre National Park there is the updated situation.

The free trails are always open, except for specific reports.

The “Via dell’Amore” is still closed, unfortunately.

Cinque Terre park organizes guided excursion free for the holders of the card.

Don’t limit your visit to the villages and coastal paths. Go to the shrines uphill, all the sanctuaries are magic and quietful places far from the crowd.

If you aren’t a good walker you can use bus (included in the card).

Here is schedule.


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