Summer 2020: our way to reopening

Una nuova sfida ci attende

 JUN  2020

Now that the reopening is getting closer, it seems appropriate to write an article about what we experienced as hoteliers.  We obviously had to introduce a lot of new regulations, but we are not here to talk about that. Today, in fact, we mostly want to share with you the thoughts and feelings that we had during these strange three months. The Hotel Garden has a long history and it was born way before we took it over, almost 20 years ago. During its long life, the Hotel hosted thousands of people coming from all over the world to enjoy ligurian beauties.

Covid-19 forced us to face a possibility that we have never even considered before: the total absence of tourists in the upcoming summer season. During the years, we always kept track of the turist flow, and no one would have ever imagined the day where we would risk it to be non-existent. However, this year we faced this possibility. At first it did not really seemed real, and we were mostly thinking that everything would have be back to normal in just few weeks. We all know that was not the case, and we soon realised how serious the situation was. At this point, we all got scared. Scared for our Hotel, for our village and for our country, and that was the moment where we understood that we had to work harder than we ever did to implement every security measures to keep our guests safe.

Tourism has always played a fundamental part in the life and soul of Levanto. Seeing so many people coming from all over the world to visit our home always made us proud of our little village. We chose to keep a positive attitude during this crisis, sure that Levanto would have faced every obstacle, but one thing is sure: this summer will definitevely be different. Between face masks, social distances and queues outside supermarkets, we strongly believe that we will be able to enjoy this summer anyway. That has always been our main goal here at the Hotel Garden: to be able to let our guests enjoy their stay as much as possible, while doing our best to work in a safe and controlled environment.

As we already said, we had to introduce a lot of new “rules” regarding safety distances, sanitation and sanitization, to guarantee the safety we all deserve and need during these particular times. We are slowly coming out from a crisis that we will never forget, and that made us appreciate what we have even more. Our job is to give hospitality, and it is something that we deeply value. Our every choise is aimed at respecting the government measures and directives, because our priority has always been to carry out our business with respect, honesty and safety.


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