La Mangialonga

17 maggio 2020

 FEB  2020

C’mon, you know what it is!! It’s the Mangialonga! We wait for it every year, with our mouths watering – Walking along an almost 7 km trail through the “frazioni” (villages) of Levanto tasting the local food and wine.Are you ready?? Everyone meet in Piazza Cavour and wait in line for the cue to begin…No pushing, please! Comfortable shoes, a hat for the sun, a backpack and off you go!OK, so there’s some walking to do, even uphill, but don’t start grumbling…the wine is chilling in the cantina just waiting to be poured.The trail begins – it’s wide and from here you can enjoy the magnificent panorama. Down below the sea drifts away but the first stop is close and you can already smell something tasty!Remember how good the stuffed mussels were last time? The focaccia drenched in olive oil and the smell of those gattafin, just fried in that enormous smoking pan?!?

C’mon, we’re almost there! The village’s little piazza (square) is packed and the poor volunteers are fighting with plates and glasses. A short stop and you’re off again! There are many villages to see and many saucepans to empty! There’s also music, a chestnut fritter – maybe even two – and some dancing to work it all off!  And you carry on…singing….ahhh, yes…. the white wine from “Colline Levantesi” has hit you!!! In the late afternoon you arrive in the center of Levanto exhausted. What a day to remember! Tonight, you’ll dream of “trofie al pesto” and fried anchovies!

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