Sustainability doesn’t go on vacation

 JAN  2020

2020 will be a year of great changes and innovations for our structure.

Many news for a responsible stay, because let’s remember: sustainability does not go on vacation!

At Hotel Garden we therefore take our social responsibility very seriously, as it is our duty and right not only to participate in the life of the Levanto community, but also to make sure that our actions are correct towards the environment.

So first of all we decided to say no to disposable plastic, no more bottles of water, packaged soap, bottles of shampoo and shower gel! The 2020 season will feature branded bottles, 24h water dispensers, use of glass bottles in the mini bar, dispenser in the bathrooms  …

We ask our guests to share this philosophy by following a few simple tips

  •     Close the tap to prevent water from flowing when not needed, leaving the tap open while brushing your teeth involves a waste of 5 liters of water per minute.
  •     Reuse the same towels several days consecutively.     
  •     Differentiate waste.

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