Beaches of Levanto

Dove andare al mare a Levanto

 JUN  2018

Among the beautiful things of Levanto there are certainly its beaches. Our village has a rather large bay, mainly made of sandy beaches.  And then, for the third consecutive year, the country has obtained the Blue Flag, the most important international environmental quality certification that the “Foundation for environmental education” assigns to the cities that carry out good environmental practices.

In addition to the large beach, where free stretches and bathing establishments alternate, there are also many suggestive coves, which can be reached by turning off the MareMonti cycle path.

In Levanto there is so much space so children can go wild on the beach. For those who want to play sports, you can also go surfing: the village has become an important site for this activity, so much so that it is the venue for competitions and many enthusiasts come to practice even during the autumn. So let’s take a look at the places where you can lay in the sun in Levanto. Behind the Stone, the big rock that closes the creek is the first small beach, “Via au Mô”, made of fine sand near the dam and stones under the entrance. In the morning there is little sun so it is ideal for children. This is also a nice place to snorkel. Behind the beach is the beautiful Villa Agnelli. The beach aft

er is under the arches of the promenade. Here the sand is finer, the bottom remains low even several meters from the shore and there is really a lot of space for the free part.

Going forward, under the old train station, there is an expanse of free beach, equipped however with cabins and showers and two bars directly on the beach. After the Ghiararo river there are three bathing establishments. Beyond the small harbor you will find the Vallesanta beach. Here the shallow water and the sand is made of granules. As we mentioned before, walking along the cycle path, which starts at this point, you will see many coves, enclosed by rocky areas. Even if they are small, it is still worth taking a step. Now let’s talk about the establishments you can find in Levanto. There are almost a dozen of them, four of which are in the Vallesanta locality and have a great value: they all have facilities for the reception of disabled people. The establishments are: Bagni Nettuno, Bagni Sirena, Blue Marlin, La Gritta, Casino Levanto, Minetti, Vallesanta and the equipped free beach

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