Trekking of the valley of Levanto

Trekking around Levanto: the labyrinth revealed 2 itineraries in the valley of Levanto The first stretch is the same for both itineraries. Starting from the hotel we take direction to the train station , we go on straight. After football field, by the church we turn right toward Monterosso. After 200 m, in the locality […]

Beaches and sea

Enjoy the beach and the sea In winter time beach is amazing ……… The countless nuance of the beaches in Levanto make up a harmonious mosaic marked by both sandy and rocky beaches. The Municipality of Levanto has been working a lot over the years to make better use of the magnificent variety of this […]

Bicycle path from Levanto to Framura

The bicycle path from Levanto to Framura Once upon a time there was an old railroad track…that became the most beautiful bike path of the Riviera…The piece of track that goes from La Spezia to Sestri Levante put to the test the architectural competence of the engineers of that era. It was the mid-1800s and […]