Deiva Marina – Liguria

Deiva Marina Deiva Marina is a small seaside centre in the La Spezia province. It is located at the heart of the wonderful region extending from Portofino to Lunigiana and the Gulf of Poets and lies within the “Monte-Serro – Punta Mesco” natural park. Its lovely sea and the land behind, rich in historical and […]


Bonassola Bonassola’s history is set apart by the Instrument of the “Cumpagnia di Bonassolla”; a document from 1569 which is put up as the first of this type of civil welfare in Italy. Its aim was to free the men of Bonassola who had been taken prisoner by the Turkish pirates who plagued the Mediterranean […]

Portofino e il Tigullio

Portofino and Tigullio The symbol of this strip of coast is the Portofino Promontory, one of Italy’s most famous parks. Strolling along its paths is like walking through a casket of jewels with so many precious stones. The Marine Protected Area lies around the Portofino Promontory and takes in three communities: Camogli, town of the “Thousand […]

Visit the Cinque Terre

Visit the Cinque Terre The Cinque Terre National Park has chosen as its slogan: “The Park for Mankind.” No other choice could have been more fitting – it captures the essence of these places perfectly. Places difficult to live in, land difficult to cultivate – harsh, difficult, impractible, and lashed at by the wind. For […]


Levanto Levanto was a small village set in the greenery of its hills and the blue of its Gulf. Little has changed today; its little gems are still guarded with modesty, the heritage of an ancestral instinct for conservation. The magnificent cliffs and the sandstone banks welcome the visitor from the sea. Pine and chestnut […]