Things to do

It just takes one overview to capture the many distinctive features that characterise the land surrounding San Pietro. The area is rich in history, as can be seen by the perched villages with their lookout towers and their baroque churches. The Middle Ages saw pilgrims come to Monte San Nicolao, and the marble inscription on the Piazza dates back to an even more distant time. But let’s leave the past behind so we can enjoy the present. What activities can get involved in? The whole world of Outdoors is linked to nature and the sea. Hiking is possible in all months of the year, and there are countless trails, each one more impressive than the last. In just a few minutes drive you can get to the coastal towns to try out your favorite sports: swimming, snorkeling, fishing, diving, surfing, kayaking, sailing, tennis, beach volleyball, etc. Bikers will be in heaven here, and those who love bike racing should not forget the curves of the Bracco road, which offer a real test for competitors in the Giro d’Italia. Then there is the tranquility and freedom to move around, experiences marked by simplicity and of that feeling of being “at home” that only small places can still evoke. Among the many activities on offer, we have chosen a series for you that we take great pleasure in recommending. They are divided into 3 groups Environment and culture (for everyone) Trekking (easy from S. Pietro) Biking (unusual routes)