Bonassola’s history is set apart by the Instrument of the “Cumpagnia di Bonassolla”; a document from 1569 which is put up as the first of this type of civil welfare in Italy. Its aim was to free the men of Bonassola who had been taken prisoner by the Turkish pirates who plagued the Mediterranean coasts at the time.
Outstanding among its oldest monuments are the Castle and the Tower of the Ardoino (16th century), the parish church of Santa Caterina (17th century) and the house where the famous 17th century cartographer Matteo Vinzoni was born. Bonassola’s natural landscape is the perfect growth environment for the typical Mediterranean flora: oleanders, bougainvillea, brooms, olive and pine trees, aromatic herbs and citrus groves. Bonassola’s extraordinarily healthy air is due to the resinous richness of its pine trees, the ozone and particles of iodine from a sea so pure because it is so distant from any industrial establishments. It is particularly recommended for those suffering from cardiovascular, digestive tract or nervous problems.